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We Are Legally Committed to Expanding Opportunity

As a benefit corporation our legal charter dedicates us to the cause of expanding opportunity and inclusion 
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Our Mission 

To improve opportunity and inclusion

The Highway team believes that the skills gap is a tragedy impairing the prosperity of young adults and of businesses. Young adults sit at one side of the gap struggling with a traditional higher education system that costs too much and does not prepare students well for valuable jobs. Thus many are not in jobs that utilize their full potential: they need the skills and connections to find their path. Those from disadvantaged communities suffer the worst of this system.

On the other side of the gap are employers who are struggling to find the talent that they need to drive their businesses, particularly in digital careers where escalating demand overwhelms a talent supply that cannot keep up. The Highway team are all veterans of the marketing technology industry and have seen first hand time and time again the struggles of employers to find talent for marketing operations roles.

Thus we started Highway, and we made it a public benefit corporation with legal charter committing the company to improving opportunity and inclusion. Highway serves as a bridge between underemployed young adults and talent-seeking marketing employers and in doing so generates greater opportunity and prosperity. And we have a particular focus on improving inclusion for those who suffer the most from the status quo: females, minorities, and those from non-college households.

The needs are so clear for underemployed young adults and for digital marketing employers. The Highway team has the knowledge and network to solve those needs and in doing so move us forward in expanding opportunity and inclusion.

Meet Our Team 


Toby Murdock


Toby has been an internet entrepreneur multiple times over, selling his last business, Kapost, a marketing software company, for $52M in 2019. After Kapost, Toby had a vision and a passion to expand opportunity and inclusion in digital marketing careers and thus founded Highway. Read more on LinkedIn.



Leigh Oxley 

Vice President, Development and Delivery

Leigh is a pioneer in the world of marketing operations training. Leigh was a fundamental part of training and education functions at Eloqua, one of the leading marketing automation software companies, and continued at Oracle running the Marketing Cloud curriculum group. She now runs her own marketing technology consultancy. Read more on LinkedIn



Mike MacFarlane


Mike has over 16 years’ experience working in the Martech agency space, and has worked with companies like Oracle Eloqua & Pathfactory. Throughout Mike's career, he has helped 100s of companies and professionals achieve their marketing goals through the use of marketing automation, CRM, campaign tools, and process refreshment. Read more on LinkedIn.



Faith Doyle

Hiring and Marketing Manager

Faith is Highway's recruiting and hiring manager, responsible for guiding candidates through the hiring process, onboarding new employees, and providing ongoing employee support. She is also responsible for executing Highway's revenue and marketing operations efforts in Hubspot. A Highway graduate herself, Faith understands the intricacies of work both in and around operations, and is a determined and dedicated member of the team.

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