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Pay No Tuition Until You're Hired

Our commitment is to get you a digital marketing job. You don't pay us until together we make that happen. 

Get the job. Or pay nothing.

  • Highway offers an Income Share Agreement: only pay tuition if you obtain a job paying over $55,000 per year
  • Or pay $16,000 upfront tuition
  • Reduce your tuition owed by $10K if hired by a Premier Employer (which 100% of students have done)

Launch your career. Pay later.

  • If you get a job paying over $55K, make a monthly payment starting at $380
  • If you ever stop making over $55K, stop paying
  • Stop paying permanently once you've made 48 payments or reach a total of $23K

We're shooting for the same goal.

  • Highway succeeds only if you succeed
  • Thus our training and job placement are fully committed to your career launch

Enroll Now

Register for an information session to talk to the Highway team, learn about the program, get your questions answered, and begin the enrollment process. 


Us & Our Mission

Highways digital marketing veterans are committed  expanding opportunity & inclusion. 



Learn about the field—marketing operations-- that highway places students into that lies at the intersection of marketing technology.