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Get Involved and Help Grow the MOPs Community

Help raise up the next generation of marketing operations superstar talent
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Mentoring Opportunities

Share your experience and industry expertise with our learners on a volunteer, low-commitment basis.

  • Self-register for our mentor portal and pick up mentoring opportunities based on your availability
  • Interact with multiple learners and support new talent joining the MOps community


Check out our FAQs below to learn more!

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Guest Speaking Opportunities

Share your expertise on a topic of your choice and give students a real-world perspective on what they’re learning!

  • 30- to 60-minutes on a topic of your choice: technical, business skills, or just share your real world MOps experiences
  • Slides optional! Bring your knowledge and we’ll do the rest!


Check out our FAQs below to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Our new mentor portal is open for self-registration!

Sign-Up to be a Highway Mentor

or register to Guest Speak here:

Register to Guest Speak

How does guest speaking work?

Guest speaking is a great way to give back to the MOps community by sharing your knowledge and expertise with new MOps talent coming up through Highway Academy.

We ask our guest speakers to offer 30-60 minutes to share their experiences and expertise with our learners. Slides are totally optional - just pick a time and tell us your topic, and we'll manage the rest!

What guest speaking topics are needed?

Any and all! Our learners are brand new marketing operations specialists getting ready to join the workforce, so any information or insight from seasoned industry experts is appreciated! Some inspiration ideas:

  • Industry tools and trends
  • Life in MOps / career growth and planning
  • An area of expertise - privacy and compliance, lead gen, integrations, sales teams, etc...
What does a Highway Mentor do?

As a mentor, you will spend as much - or as little - time as you’d like guiding Highway learners as they work their way through an intense 10-week Academy program on their way to new careers as MOps specialists. As a marketing operations professional, you have incredibly valuable experience and insight into the real-life, day-to-day things our learners are about to start doing. Mentor requests may include activities like:

  • Role playing requirements gathering sessions to hone skills around project management and probing questions
  • Sharing insight into you or your team’s goals and KPIs as a live marketing operations team
  • Explaining how your martech stack fits together, and what tools drive your MOps team
  • Helping with interview preparations and resume or LinkedIn reviews
  • Demo’ing niche tools your team uses to optimize MOps work

The process for working with our learners is super easy: sign-up via our self-registration portal to be notified of new requests, review and claim those requests based on your availability, then connect with the student virtually to work through their request!

See our “How do I claim requests?” section below for a demo on how easy it is to view and claim requests, and work with our learners!

How much time do Mentors spend with learners?

As much or as little as you want! Our new availability-based mentor portal allows you the flexibility to claim as many or as few requests each week as you’re able to. If you’re busy working on a project and can’t spare a minute, no problem! Have a quieter week and want to connect with a few students to help share your expertise? Grab a few requests!

There is no minimum requirement for time or level of participation; we want to make mentoring easy and flexible to those who donate their time and energy to our learners.

What is the mentoring experience?

We’ve had some incredible people participate in our mentor program over the last few years, and we are so grateful to those who have volunteered their time, energy, and hearts to our learners. Mentors make a huge difference in the growth of new MOps talent, and we couldn’t do what we do without them!

Some quotes, from past mentors:

  • “I enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to help someone on their MOPs journey. I was fortunate to have good guidance early in my career and hopefully I'm providing value and paying it back a little.”
  • “[My student] is passionate about the world he's diving into… he shows engagement and asks questions that he has top of mind. The more we geek out, the better. I'm enjoying this experience and hope he is too!”
How do I claim Mentor requests?

When a learner submits a new request for mentor support, we’ll send out both email and Slack notifications to our mentor pool. When you see a request notification, simply follow the link to the portal to review and claim the request! And of course, you can unsubscribe from the emails or mute the Slack channel at any time, if you’re busy or need to step away.

Here’s a quick video showing the process!


What comms will I get as a mentor? Can I unsubscribe?

When you sign up to be a mentor, we’ll send a thank you email, and then you’ll get a couple of notifications to join our Slack channel and Google Group for notifications. You can always unsubscribe from the Google Group notifications, or mute the Slack channel if you need to quiet things for a while - we won’t be offended!

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